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  • Around the dioceses, June 2017

    Around the dioceses, June 2017

    Huron bishop to call for ‘five-year plans’ from each parish

    Faced with a number of “very fragile” congregations in the diocese, Huron Bishop Linda Nicholls says she is planning to ask for five-year financial plans from each parish.

    Posted May, 05 2017

  • Around the dioceses, May 2017

    Around the dioceses, May 2017

    Black history service celebrates peace and unity

    A diverse congregation of more than 14 Edmonton churches came together at St. Faith’s Anglican Church January 29 to make music, dance in the aisles and shout “Amen and alleluia” and celebrate Black Canadian heritage.

    Posted March, 22 2017

The regional newspaper network

The Anglican Journal enjoys a special relationship with the 23 regional or “diocesan” newspapers that bring local news to parishioners in some 30 dioceses across Canada. We asked some of the diocesan newspaper editors to describe what this unique and vibrant news network means to them.


The glue that holds us together

One of my fondest memories from childhood is sitting with my family at the dinner table, discussing matters of the day. It was usually a lively discussion and we were encouraged and even expected to share our point of view, no matter how strange it seemed. While we rarely agreed with each other, we nevertheless knew in some unspoken way that these discussions kept us together and even deepened our love for each other.

I think of The Anglican and the Anglican Journal in the same way. Each month the Anglican family across the country sits down to share news, offer opinion and generally hang out with each other. Like those family conversations of long ago, they are the glue that holds us together. 

—Stuart Mann is editor of The Anglican, the newspaper of the diocese of Toronto


A prophetic voice in our church

The Anglican Journal, whether in print or electronic form, is a vital tool for the church to communicate its message. Positive stories share positive ideas which can be used elsewhere. They also convey encouragement and joy. These stories are a means of proclaiming to those outside the church that the church is alive and that God is at work in the world today. By helping us know and share these stories, the Journal helps build up the faith of church members as well as evangelizing those who are not yet members. Stories of conflict and need direct us to prayer and action to bring about reconciliation and relief wherever needed. The Journal is a central prophetic voice in our church and it is a means of binding us together across and beyond our nation. Its importance cannot be measured.

—The Rev. Patrick Tomalin is former editor of the Saskatchewan Anglican, the newspaper of the diocese of Saskatoon. He is also former president of the Anglican Editors Association, and was a member of the Anglican Journal board.

Supported by readers and leaders alike

As a diocesan newspaper editor, I come into contact with Anglicans of all ages and all walks of life. The common bond they share is their distinctive faith journey as part of the larger Christian community. Crosstalk, our award-winning diocesan newspaper, helps them in that journey. It’s a ministry of more than 60 years that provides news, information and entertainment for Anglican readers in an expansive jurisdiction that includes the nation’s capital as well as small rural farming and forestry communities. Our newspaper enjoys the support of readers and leaders alike. It’s a “wonderful tool that we have and share,” writes Bishop John Chapman in his Crosstalk column. “I thank God for the storytellers, the artists, the debaters and the prophets and risk-takers. Those who take the risk to speak in the public forum enrich the lives and faith of we, the readers.”

—Art Babych is editor of Crosstalk, the newspaper of the diocese of Ottawa.


Partners in informing readers

The value of the Anglican Journal changed for me when I became a diocesan newspaper editor. Previously, I had scanned it for news of Anglican friends across Canada and to keep current on the “business” side of the church.  But as a diocesan editor, I feel the Journal and its staff are my partners in informing The Sower readers about all aspects of the activities, struggles and merits of our church. Through the Journal I have been able to gain a wider audience for some outstanding stories happening in our diocese. We have much to learn from each other in the national church and the wider Anglican Communion.  Personally, I look to the Journal to help me in understanding how all this affects the readers of The Sower.  But I think it would be best if they read the Journal for themselves and formed their own opinions.

—Tim Christison is editor of The Sower, the newspaper for the diocese of Calgary.

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Northern Lights

Diocese of Yukon
2-3 issues per year
Mr. Dan Davidson
PO Box 31136
RPO Main St.
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5P7
Phone: 867-667-7746
Fax: 867-667-6125

  Caledonia Times

Diocese of Caledonia
Journal partner
Editor: The Very Rev. R. Jason Haggstrom
c/o St. Andrew's Cathedral
204—4th Avenue W.
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1P3
Phone: 250-627-1143 or 600-7143

  Diocesan Post

Diocese of British Columbia
Journal partner
Editor: Terry Jones 
900 Vancouver St.
Victoria, BC V8V 3V7
Phone: 250-386-7781


Diocese of New Westminster
(diocesan website)
Journal partner
Editor: Mr. Randy Murray
1410 Nanton Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6H 2E2
Phone: 604-684-6306 ext. 223
Fax: 604-684-7017


The Anglican Link
Anglican Parishes of the
Central Interior
Cathy Wozlowski
1–685 Singh St.
Kamloops, BC V2B 5C5
Phone: 250-319-3540


The Arctic News
Diocese of the Arctic
4910 51st Street
PO Box 190
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N2
Phone: 867-873-5432
Fax: 867-873-8478


The Messenger
Dioceses of Edmonton
and Athabasca
Journal partner
Managing editor & Edmonton editor:
Margaret Glidden
10035 103rd Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 0X5
Phone: 780-439-7344
Fax: 780-439-6549
Athabasca editor: Mr. Peter Clarke


The HighWay
Diocese of Kootenay
Journal partner
Editor: Jonn Lavinnder
PO Box 190, Balfour BC V0G 1C0
Phone: 250-352-5711


The Sower (not in print)
Diocese of Calgary
Journal partner
Synod Office
180, 1209 – 59th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2P6


The Saskatchewan Anglican
Dioceses of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon and Qu’Appelle
Managing editor: Jason Antonio
59 Roberts Place
Regina, SK S4T 6K5
Phone: 306-737-4898



Mustard Seed
Diocese of Brandon
Journal partner
The Rev. Lisa Poultney
(519) 870-0930
341 13
th Street
Brandon, MB  R7A 4P8




Rupert's Land News
Diocese of Rupert's Land
Journal partner
Editor: Kyla Neufeld
935 Nesbitt Bay
Winnipeg, MB R3T 1W6
Phone: 204-992-4205
Fax: 204-992-4219


The Northland
Diocese of Moosonee
Editor: Mr. George Cribbs
701 Bristol Rd.
Porcupine, ON P0N 1C0


Algoma Anglican
Diocese of Algoma
Journal partner
Editor: Rev. C. Peter Simmons
PO Box 221
Rosseau, ON P0C 1J0
Phone: 705-732-4608


Huron Church News
Diocese of Huron
Journal Partner
Editor: Davor Milicevic
190 Queens Ave.
London, ON N6A 6H7
Phone: 519-434-6893
Fax: 519-673-4151


Diocese of Ottawa
Journal partner
Editor: Stephanie Boyd
71 Bronson Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1R 6G6
Phone: 613-232-7124 ext. 245
Fax: 613-232-7088


The Anglican
Diocese of Toronto
Journal partner
Editor: Canon Stuart Mann
135 Adelaide St. E.
Toronto, ON M5C 1L8
Phone: 416-363-6021 ext. 247
Fax: 416-363-7678


Niagara Anglican
Diocese of Niagara
Journal partner
Editor: The Rev. Hollis Hiscock
252 James St. N.
Hamilton, ON L8R 2L3
Phone: 905-527-1316
Fax: 905-527-1281


Diocese of Ontario
Journal partner
Editor: Mark Hauser
90 Johnson St.
Kingston, ON K7L 1X7
Phone: 613-544-4774 ext. 125 
Fax: 613-547-3745


Quebec Diocesan Gazette
Diocese of Quebec
Journal partner
Editor: Jim Sweeny
31 rue des Jardins
Quebec, QC G1R 4L6
Phone: 819-822-9600 ext. 2567


Anglican Montréal
Diocese of Montreal
Journal partner
Nicki Hronjak
1444 Union Ave.
Montreal, QC H3A 2B8
Phone: 514-843-6577
Fax: 514-843-6344


The New Brunswick Anglican
The diocese of Fredericton
Journal partner
Editor: Gisele McKnight
115 Church St.
Fredericton, NB E3B 4C8
Phone: 506-459-1801 ext. 226


The Diocesan Times
The Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Editor: Paul Sherwood
PO Box 8882 RPO CSC
Halifax, NS B3K 5M5
Phone: 902-477-3040 (o)


Anglican Life in Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador
Editor: Mrs. Emily Rowe
9 Darling St.
St. John's, NL A1B 1V7
Phone: 709-754-7330

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